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It’s been 2 years since I arrived in Seattle, and I must admit that even in just my first 3 months here I had started to feel like I was getting massively out of touch with Bollywood. At the time I thought to myself that it was no big deal, since most of the stuff being produced these days is crap. But when you’ve grown up loving Bollywood movies with such an abiding passion, it becomes hard to let go.

Ever since Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram became your visiting cards, mine have always read ‘Bollywood Fanatic’, ‘Fully Filmy’, ‘Hindi Film Aficionado’ and the likes. I grew up in a family of filmmakers and musicians, and at one point of time music was what I wanted to do in life. But as they say, life is what happens to you when you’re busy planning other things. I moved towards marketing and digital media, but always continued making music that I keep uploading on my social media channels. Same with visual arts. I actually signed up for a few video courses at my master’s program at the University of Washington to understand my passion in a more professional and astute manner. …

To many, it may just look like a stylish scooter, but you will be surprised to know the amount of cultural and historical lines Vespa crosses. It was the by-product of a post-World War II Italian manufacturing, when their economy was almost in ruins and a lot of their factories destroyed in the aftermath of the war. This story begins in 1884 when Rinaldo Piaggio founded the Piaggio, a company which did luxury ship fittings. …

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You are probably reading this piece on your smartphone or another device, so it would be a little ironical to ask this but let’s go back in time when mobile phones weren’t as sophisticated, nor as commonly owned. A group of five American youngsters called the Backstreet Boys had released their first album, Titanic had just hit the movie screens, and Bill Clinton was elected for a 2nd Presidential term. Around the same time, in 1997, the world started taking notice of mobile phones, and Nokia entered this market to become a global leader almost immediately. …


Kanhaiya Maheshwary

I am a Digital Marketing specialist, Social Media consultant, and Blogger, with one eye on data and the other on human-centric storytelling

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